Read Exodus 14-18

The response of Moses to the deliverance of God in Exodus 15 is a song. The same people who wouldn’t listen to Moses prior to the judgements of GOD, are now fully singing the praise of God. Who do you need to not give up on?

Exodus 15 IS PURE WORSHIP. They know who the Lord is, and there is no holding it in. This song bursts forth from their soul.

When you sing, you sing to GOD, for GOD. It’s NEVER for the people. It is always for GOD. He is your only audience when you worship.

They sing of God’s hand, and we know in Ephesians 1:20, this is where Christ is seated now, HE IS THE SALVATION AND STRENGTH OF GOD, CHRIST IS OUR REDEEMER but hey read the whole thing Ephesians 1:18-22!

Miriam the prophet begins to sing and dance, and calls the women to follow her in the dance.

The Lord leads them on, after victory there is a need. Water and food. AND God provides for them even though they often grumble. You can have an amazing worship gathering and depart and fall into doubt and grumbling. Be wise, stay in the same level of faith as when the pinnacle of worship is expressed among you.

They will see God’s power again when the Amalekites are defeated. During the battle Moses grew tired, Aaron and Hur held his hands up. Who do you have to hold your hands up in faith when you are tired?

Jethro calls Moses to come to him. They share the hardships and the stories of God’s saving power, the many good things the Lord has done.

Jethro is able to see Moses blindspot. Who do you have to offer you wisdom? Righteous relationships are important in our life of faith.

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