Hey there! 

I’m so glad you’ve dropped by my website!  I hope we connect over our shared lives, the love of adventuring outdoors, cooking, family, and/or our common awe of God.  Know today He has a wonderful plan for each of us.  He found me, and I am so grateful.  I pray that this blog will be a source of encouragement for whatever you are facing today.

Love all, but above all love God, keep moving forward, pray, give thanks & live well!

Be blessed,



  1. Good morning Charity,
    I am the pharmacist with 2 kids you meet in line at UR Dallas about a month ago. You kind enough to provide your business card with your contact information, but, I am unable to locate it. I realized you may be super busy, but was wondering if your offer still stands concerning how to “start writing “ is still on the table. I would be grateful any advice you are able to pass along my way! Thanks in advance for your time!!!


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