Introductions: Namita Crow, The Lord Directs Your Steps

Sunday Ashley and I had pizza at Sizzle Pie in Portland with her.  We just wanted to connect again.

Years in the making.  This story, is worth telling.  Years ago, I attended a conference at City Bible Church in Portland Oregon.  The sessions were launching faith in so many directions.  One for me, happened after I had returned home.  I felt a prompt, to return.  Not sure if the prompt was God, I ran it past Jared.  He replied, “well why not?” I thought, Yes, there is someone I am called to connect with.  I drove.  Drove to fast and got a ticket on the way.  Ultimately paid the fine.  She was worth it.  Her name, Namita her struggle real.  Her open heart to God was that day as it is now, beautiful.

Today can be a beautiful morning for you.  Read on and see Him, as she shares her story.

You know that moment you realize God has been scheming everything around you- He is orchestrating behind the scenes and you get the backstage view? It is awe-inspiring! I had that moment this last year.

As I ran on the streets of one of Portland’s beautiful, iconic neighborhoods, God gave me the word: phase. In a year, I was hoping to head to Uganda. I was asking Him what He wanted me to do there. What could this word mean? Within seconds, I had it! “Providing Healthcare Access through Service Education!” I sprinted back home and wrote down what the Lord was speaking. I asked my friend for his opinion. He googled the definition for phase: A distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something’s development. (Oxford Dictionary) This was it!

I needed to write up a project plan by the end of the month. For days, I could not think about what to write. One morning, much too early than I would like to be awake, I heard a voice calling my name. No one was around. I was awake so I checked my email. Bad habit I know. I had received an email minutes before from missionary friends in SE Asia. They could Skype now if I read this email in time or they could get back to me in 2 weeks. I needed the project plan the next day. I spoke to them about what they had learned on the field. The minute they hung up, the objectives and plan flowed out onto my notepad. Only after being in Uganda working on the project did I realize what those objectives really meant.

Now, I needed an affiliate in Uganda. And, since my project was for service education (engaging students into serving their community), a university would be perfect but anybody in the medical field would do. Amazing advisors at WSU sent out a request for me to their international contacts. That’s how I was introduced to a doctor who replied almost immediately saying he would work with me. I came to find out that this was one of the most influential people in Kampala, Uganda and founder of the most advanced medical group and university in East Africa.

This is how I knew that it was time to go. So, I quit my job and left within a couple of months.

The miracle stories go on and on and on… I could sing His praises forever. What does it really mean when the Lord plans your steps? He prepares the place, He sets up the people, He uses every detail of your life… He is a master producer. He directs everything to work together for His good. We have an amazing God! And, what a privilege we have to see Jesus’ love be revealed.

Follow the whole story and more!

God is within her she will not fail.  God will help her at the break of day. Psalm 46:5


  1. Really inspiring, spiritually awakening story. My inclination towards God is the the same. Glad to know that there are people who feel the same.

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