With him, Jared Ryan

“With him” Jared Ryan and I together for 17+ years and 4 kids, highs and lows- some of that includes the burial of his brother Josh, our nephew Kameron, and recently my Mom.

Our Jonah (now 14) at age 5 was airlifted to Harborview and we walked through the real threat of possibly loosing our son. We lived in and out of children’s hospital for over 2 years. Thankfully God healed.  We have opened our home over and over again to family and friends. One Christmas stands out, 22 friends and family and 3 of them brought their dogs.
Our hospitality team attitude as a couple is one of my favorite qualities.

He has supported sharing his wife with preaching and teaching and all the travel that goes with serving Jesus.  Last year he surprised me with a trip to Scotland and Paris.  And now 3 weeks since my mom’s death- I am telling some of the story- because for 21 days straight we had guests, I drove all over the state gathering our immediate family to say good bye to my mom in her last days with cancer. She lived 6 weeks with no food or water- and we ran a marathon of watching her body die and her spirit rally.  I want to publicly say this marriage has weathered a few of life’s storms and proven it is more than-

“sea worthy”

When you “put a ring on it” it is so much more than the value of a wedding band- it is the value of togetherness and the blessing of knowing your life is shared -the whole of it. The summits and the valleys- and the places in between. By no means is this the entirety of our story- but for what it’s worth here is a view beyond pictures and into my heart of real love. Jared Ryan I still do.



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