The Lord’s Prayer. Part 1

Our Father.

Notre Père.

The loss of a loved one meets the offensive of God’s eternal family.

Death’s defense crumbles.

God our Father.

One word before Father is the word “our” -theology in a word.  A complete reorientation of family.

Father with heavy implications that we are known and expectantly longed for.

Welcomed to life, and grown.

Provided for and protected.

Disciplined, and encouraged.

Launched and loved.

“I sustain myself with the love of family.”
Maya Angelou

Life began with a face to face encounter with the Father. -Jonathan Helser

The concert on October 10th gathered the family of God.

That night I heard the above song from Citizens and Saints.  

Laura and Jay you well know how the last night with mom we rolled her bed out under heaven’s tent of night.  Blazing light pin pricking the smokey haze and dark, Norah Jones playing, a flower in her hair, brother and sister bare feet in the grass, and the ash of the wildfires falling in silent tribute to her fading life.  She was like a campfire before it’s warmth is gone, and we enjoyed her amber flame of hope.  I hadn’t heard lyrics that so depicted the struggle and beauty, until October 10th.  Thank you Citizens and Saints, for the bold way God graced your lyrics with life and hope. Give a listen again, and if you struggle with grief, know much more than precious gold are your promises my Lord and focus your captivated gaze on the radiant light from Jesus’ face.  Go ahead and praise Him, as your loved one joins the triumph, over death hell and the grave.

And sing/pray with Citizens and Saints “Our Father” because yes we still have family.  #familyforever


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