Prayer from Ephesians 4…

Lord- I come to the Father in the name Jesus by the power of the spirit to pray for my children. I pray that they would know and experience tangibly and practically the love of God as expressed through Jesus salvation. I pray this love would go beyond just the hearing of a thing. I ask that their souls minds hearts and bodies would be filled with the fullness of God’s love. Fullness empowering them to go anywhere do anything you call them to do. Hold back no good thing from them as they walk uprightly in the righteousness that comes from Christ. Work wonders in them above all I can hope or pray for their lives. May their day to day lives continually bring god glory in both the church and world. Lord fasten their character in integrity and fortitude . Mark this same strength of character with unselfishness, gentleness, meekness, and patience. I ask that they would give grace one to another making room for each other’s faults because they love one another. May my sons and daughters be vigilant to guard and keep the harmony and the oneness of the Holy spirit who knits us together in peace. With clear discernment let them remain and abide in the “one hope, one Spirit, one faith, one God, one baptism”. Let the same Holy Spirit grant grace and distribute the gifts of Christ to my children (call your children by name) Let the gifts be diverse in each of them, yet found expressed by them in unity. Lord thank you that you fill the whole universe with your glory!! Praise Jesus for the gifts he purchased and souls he ransomed! Praise Jesus for the love He has revealed to our family.

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