A thousand years is as a day- before God. (2 Peter 3:8)
As I put mittens on my kids, find all the gear, hats, helmets, coats, did I bring googles for everyone? A chill hits my knees, why didn’t I put on a base layer? My days are so busy. Christmas programs, holiday to do lists, shipping packages, serving in church, making good meals- ohh to be like God outside the constraints of time!On the mountain it seems easier to realize God is outside of time. He is the Creator of light, the starry host, the sun and moon- the weathered time piece of our universe was made by him. He is the A to Z, the beginning and the end, the author and finisher of all Creation!
Time before Him is referenced as 1000 years- and we live a mere 70 or so of those 1000.
ONE THOUSAND years… counts as a day before GOD.
Today, consider Christ and the days he walked here- how he only had 24 hours. The same as you and I. I’m sure the entire drama and the realities of life, perils of it, unexpected loss and practical hunger- all faced Him.
The word of God declares- that all the books could not contain the many works of Christ. Works he accomplished within time, within 33 years of life.

NOW, right now this same Christ is outside time- just think what HE is accomplishing right now on your behalf before the Father. All our tasks- yours, mine, the stranger you see on your commute are visible before him. What a vast magnitude, what a huge number of lives and schedules he configures. Yet in all the seconds fleeting before the stop watch of our lives- Christ is working all things together for our good. Let goodness follow you, today and all days of December! He is the good Shepherd and laid down- willingly His life to protect yours, remember He is a Savior who Saves! Faith in Him moves mountains. Yes, we have a Savior.

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