Jesus release intense unfailing Love toward us I pray the (your family’s name) Home would be good trustees of God’s many-sided grace. Whatever service we render let it be with the strength which God furnishes in abundance! Let our home in all things glorify God as live out our days for God’s will alone. Let the heart of rejoicing be in all our trials revealing your glory and radiance. Let the triumphant leading of Christ be evident in all circumstances as a testimony to our children and our children’s children. Release life-joy, satisfaction, bestow your favor and the sweet salvation of Christ resulting in the Spirit of glory manifested and resting upon our hearts and home. Empower us to do right, live righteously, committing daily our souls to the Creator God. May we fully trust and know by experience the faith that our Creator has given our family. Let each heart and mouth confess Jesus is Lord. Like a crest engraved upon our family shield write upon us the love of God. May this shield of Your love never fail to protect, and bring victory in any and all circumstances. Amen


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