Read Acts 5-8

This chapter reads like, TRUTH OR DARE!!?? Acts 5:3 But Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan filled thine heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, and to keep back part of the price of the land?

In Acts 5:4 sin is conceived in the heart to lie to God. In Acts 5:5 it produces death in complete agreement with James 1:14-16. Do not be deceived. We have to want the truth and not the lies.

In Acts 5:11 the fear of God came upon all the church and upon as many as heard these things. In Acts 5:13 Truth had such power commanded such respect NO ONE DARED, and in Acts 5:14 and more than ever believers were added to the LORD!

Peter’s shadow throws healing on them. In Acts 5:16 we see the fruit of the revival, the sick are healed, and the vexed with unclean spirits are also healed. GOD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS. Psalm 126:1-3

John 17:17-20 is the high priestly prayer of JESUS which made Acts 5 even possible. Jesus who is perfect says he sanctify’s himself, which is that HE separated himself unto GOD and yeilded to the obedience of GOD’S WORD and prays for Peter to also be sanctified in TRUTH. PETER WILL LIVE FOR GOD’S PURPOSE ALONE. Soli Deo gloria (“to God alone be glory”). After this JESUS prays for all who will believe the TRUTH shared by PETER ie Peter’s word. The results are clear when you and I live sanctified by the word, we center our decisions on the unchanging GOD, HIS FAITHFULNESS, TRUTH, AND THE GIFT OF JESUS CHRIST, SINLESS, PERFECT, AND SET APART FROM THE CORRUPTION OF THE WORLD, IN ORDER TO SAVE IT.

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