Read Job 40:6-24, 41-42, Psalm 29

In Job 42 Job speaks with God, after a heavy questioning from the LORD.

Have you ever been in the ocean and felt the dread of vulnerability? I was in the Indian ocean miles and miles from home, and a fear came over me of the purest kind. I was on a smaller inflated gear boat, and the main boat was our hub. I was looking at a super large blue starfish when the thought of a bull or tiger shark lurking in the water hit me. IT WAS JUST A THOUGHT, BUT it was enough to get me out of the water and back to the boat. And GOD made the ocean, set the boundaries of the sea, with his word drilled the vast deep caverns and filled it with teaming (but not tame) life. God is able to humble the proud, as a matter of fact it’s what God does and he asks Job if he can humble the proud. The irony here isn’t missed on me. He is doing it quite well.

Job’s children are no longer. His wealth has been devastated. His body has been ravaged by affliction. AND Job meets with God and says ‘YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS’! This is not what I would expect someone to say who has not been healed or restored. Nothing in Job’s life had improved when he says this. The only change is Job had heard of God, and now he has seen God. (Job 42:5) The only response is a retraction and repentance.

God knows everything Job said in his pain was in honesty. Job often spoke directly to God rather than his friends who spoke about God. And they spoke without knowledge of why God had allowed Job to suffer. It was error and God corrects them by speaking to Eliphaz.

After Job prays for his friends the blessing of GOD falls. And the blessing feels like a blessing. It can’t be missed. Job is restored. He lives to see sons and grandsons to the 4th generation.

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