READ Genesis 3-5

The Genesis story is building. The story of God and creation has been conflict free so far. Yet all good stories feature some sort of conflict. Conflict is often between two opposing forces. Good verses ____. Fill in the blank. Temptation will come at Eve by the serpent’s suggestions to doubt.

Conflicting desires emerge. Clashing desires take the stage.

Creation’s stage is generous and gigantic as the conflict unfolds. Like the opening visual scenes in a movie we have a world teaming with life, and goodness.

Nicky Gumbel says, ‘God’s generosity is seen in the natural world. For example, there are over 25,000 varieties of orchids. The orchid is just one of 270,000 species of flowers. God does not do things by halves. In our galaxy there are over 100 billion stars like our sun. Our galaxy is one of over 100 billion galaxies. It is thought that for every grain of sand there are a million stars. In a throwaway line in Genesis, the writer tells us, ‘He also made the stars’ (Genesis 1:16).’

And now Adam and Eve miss it, miss the marvelous glory, miss the breathtaking gift of being the crown of God’s creative hand, they take God for granted. A word translated as “sin” literally means “to miss the mark.” Adam and Eve sin. And the floodgates of sorrow break-open for the children of God. The conflict develops the story in a distinct way to show us the character of God, the character of Adam, Eve, and even the serpent.

What is the serpent’s desire? We read in Gen 3:5 the serpent desires for Eve to believe God’s motives are to maintain superiority. God is withholding knowledge, he suggests.

At this point in the conversation I THINK really!? Like this will work? Eve, look at the perfection of creation. She has every tree but one to eat from. Creation is SOOOOO good God can rest. Also weren’t Adam and Eve made in the image of God? Genesis 1:26


We can have everything and still struggle with temptation. Temptation is an enticement of desire by a lure. Have you ever felt it? Jesus knows it well. And when Jesus teaches his followers how to pray he includes saying, ‘lead me not into temptation’.

What are God’s desires for Adam and Eve? Enjoy creation, fill the earth, walk with him daily, …can you think of any others?

What are Eve’s desires? She experiences a desire for the fruit itself. It looks good for food, it is desirable in appearance, and the thought of instant “deity like” wisdom without God as the source! This forbidden fruit will be the source of what she wants. I wish the fruit said, ‘BUYER BEWARE’ hmm where is the warning label? Like the excessive sugar warning on the RED BULLS in Mexico. Where is the warning label? God had given it. Eve doesn’t listen. WE are reading the origin of death. Trust is broken in a bite. Boom THE FALL OF MAN clamors on the stage.

HOWEVER THE GOOD NEWS IS HERE TOO! Today we read the first messianic prophecy in the scriptures. God in Genesis 3:15 tells the serpent- HE WILL CRUSH YOUR HEAD. Jesus has been given all authority. He was the promised seed in the beginning and he came just as God said he would. Revelation 13:8 calls Jesus “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” This story reveals the character and glory of God. The conflict will be painful and makes plain the motives of a good God. Simply put the character of God is seen best in the life of Jesus. Let’s keep looking for him throughout the year.


Oh God let nothing in my life interrupt the conversation and close walk you want to have with me. AND lead me not into temptation. Amen


  1. The gospel has been winning from the beginning in the names of the genealogy are potent with prophecy and meaning. Check it out as it reads like a sentence.

    Adam Man
    Seth Appointed
    Enosh Mortal
    Kenan Sorrow
    Mahalalel The Blessed God
    Jared Shall come down
    Enoch Teaching
    Methuselah His death shall bring
    Lamech The despairing
    Noah Rest, or comfort

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