Alyssa Haney Reflections On God’s Capacity

I had a conversation yesterday where we discussed capacity.

& what I mean is that so many of us get caught up, feeling like everyone else around us has it better or is more blessed than we are. Or feeling like someone else’s problem is bigger than mine, so I need to put myself on the back burner. That kind of thing. 

But everyone’s got their own stuff don’t they? Especially on Instagram or social media, it’s easy to see the highlight reel people are always talking about. We can run in to old friends and get quick surface level conversation. But let’s remember that just because people don’t choose to always show their “stuff” doesn’t mean they don’t have any. 

I’m grateful to be loved and taken care of by something so immensely and with the capacity that God does. 

I try to do self check ins with myself to make sure I’m taking care of myself, not projecting my own insecurities or “stuff” on to others, and staying grounded. 

There’s room for all of us here ya know..

God has the capacity for all of us. 

All of the good things & the bad stuff. 


Alyssa shared this on her Instagram after our Micro Group session KNOWING GOD’S CAPACITY, check it out and let us know your thoughts. Love Char

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