Brooke’s Squat Toilet Story

It was a warm humid day in Kampala Uganda when my urgent need for a bathroom hit me.  Fluids full to max capacity.  Unfortunately we still had another hour left in our commute and I knew I could not last that long. Feeling embarrassed, I asked Pastor Alex if he could find a place to stop so I can relieve myself.  As we began to pull off into a gas station Pastor Alex asked me, “Have you ever used a squat toilet”? At this time I had no choice but to endure this new experience and check a box off my bucket list.  Charity, Maggie and I proceeded down the back alley to the bathrooms where the squat toilets reside.  I stepped into the empty room confused, until I look to the ground and saw a hole.  A series of questions go through my head. How do I approach this? Do I face the wall? Do I face the door? I have pants on, how will I not pee on them? Some time passes and I decide to take action. The best idea I could come up with was to take off one shoe to then take off one pant leg to allow an easier squat over my target. As I assumed the position my legs began to cramp and I began to laugh.  I knew I needed a break so I stopped my flow and stood up.  Upon my ascent my FEET slipped from under me assuming the split position with a hand on the MOIST ground and pee still exiting my body.  I cry out for help as I laugh hysterically.  Charity and Maggie are laughing outside the door encouraging me through this traumatic time.  I finally recover and exit the dim-lit squat toilet room.  This will forever be a memory full of laughter from my remarkable trip to Kampala Uganda. 


  1. Hey Brooke. Miss you I can’t. Forget the time you we had in Bethany and the memorable message you gave me sorted in the wooden auditorium.

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