Book Review: How to Love Your Crazy Family-52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days.

Timing is everything. Words spoken that give directional change to another. A chance run in, yesterday reminded me how important good advice is for our lives.  She was overwhelmed her faith felt worn and weak.   Our conversation was needed, hope and love was restored as she was reminded of God’s love steady and unchanging even when we are at our weakest.

We often need to hear from someone who has been there before.  Angela Howard has written a book that reads like a run in meeting with the one you know gives good advice to keep your heart and home rooted in love: 

She is that friend that stops to look you in the eyes and tell you words of life.  Each quick read has Angela’s imprint of honesty, humor, and life experience.  Whether you are needing an extra push in the direction of loving that wild bunch you adore or you know you’re exhausted with the messy broken lives around you this book can be a great tool for you.  Here are a few snaps that I know -you and I can relate to.  

Suddenly, that weariness seemed a little less important and the imprint I am making on my children’s lives appeared paramount.

I felt inspired to do as Romans 12:13 instructs: “When God’s people are in need, be ready to help them.”

 When It Seems Like a Lost Cause

I remember saying. I was tired. Tired of trying. Tired of hoping. Tired of striving

I’m sure that many of you have been that desperate as well. You are struggling in relationships or circumstances which are beyond your capacity to change. Maybe you have recognized that it is you who needs the transformation and that seems equally impossible. 

Do you want to read more or just connect with Angela?  Go ahead and download or purchase:

How to Love Your Crazy Family-52 Quick Reads for No Ordinary Days


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