The last 10 days has had me reading more.  The most catching has been a wonderful article in Vogue “The Long Road Back” in the December edition.  The above sketch was inspired by the words “go where the light is” because that leads us to Christ.  Wisemen followed light to meet the King.  Shepherds in a field at the dark of night were sent messengers of light telling of a Savior.  Rather than just gaze at the light they followed, they chose to walk after it.  Both major unearthly, unnatural demonstrations led them to the same place.  Where? …a humble shelter housing unearthly glory.  
The light led to Christ.
My spoken request: Father, let the light fill our eyes and lead us on to Christ this Christmas.
Here are a few passages to reflect on.
The Life-Light was the real thing: Every person entering Life he brings into Light. He was in the world, the world was there through him, and yet the world didn’t even notice. He came to his own people, but they didn’t want him. But whoever did want him, who believed he was who he claimed and would do what he said, He made to be their true selves, their child-of-God selves. These are the God-begotten, not blood-begotten, not flesh-begotten, not sex-begotten. The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes, the one-of-a-kind glory, like Father, like Son, Generous inside and out, true from start to finish. We all live off his generous bounty, gift after gift after gift. We got the basics from Moses, and then this exuberant giving and receiving, This endless knowing and understanding— all this came through Jesus, the Messiah. No one has ever seen God, not so much as a glimpse. This one-of-a-kind God-Expression, who exists at the very heart of the Father, has made him plain as day. (John 1:9-14, 16-18 MSG)
“Arise! Shine! For your light arrives! The splendor of the Lord shines on you! Look all around you! They all gather and come to you – your sons come from far away and your daughters are escorted by guardians. Camel caravans will cover your roads, young camels from Midian and Ephah. All the merchants of Sheba will come, bringing gold and incense and singing praises to the Lord. (Isaiah 60:1, 4, 6 NET)

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