And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them. (Luke 2:20 ESV)
I have been cooking some wonderful family soups and meals of late.  I had an extraction of tooth 19 and with it came a change of pace.  I have had to rest my way into December, talk less, attend less.  
It made me realize how full our lives can become, without room.  We find our schedules crammed to the brink akin to the inns of Bethlehem. You’ve heard it before, bear with me as I repeat the words…make room for the Savior.
December, I have had enough of your demands and I promise to slow my rhythms and breathe.  I pledge to wonder at the concept of Savior to read and study the passages of God’s word with eyes for fresh insight and heart to make room.  
I am hungry for a better meal.  I want something more satisfying than Christmas candy and glittering baubles.  I have decided to clear the table of decorations and distractions. 
“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. (Matthew 5:6 ESV)
I promise to make a cup of tea and stop to learn of Christ.  Would you come along with me as we open His word together.
In those days a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be registered. This was the first registration when Quirinius was governor of Syria. And all went to be registered, each to his own town. And Joseph also went up from Galilee, from the town of Nazareth, to Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, because he was of the house and lineage of David, to be registered with Mary, his betrothed, who was with child. And while they were there, the time came for her to give birth. And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn. And when they saw it, they made known the saying that had been told them concerning this child. And all who heard it wondered at what the shepherds told them. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen, as it had been told them. (Luke 2:1-7, 17, 18, 20 ESV)
Lord you know the urgent demands of December.  We read it plain, that even Joseph and Mary were forced to travel just before your birth.  We read about the crowds and overwhelming rush to find a place to rest, to receive, and to birth the Savior.  To any this was an unfavorable task. Yet, Joseph promised to find Mary and the babe a shelter, a refuge from the crowds and noise of Bethlehem.  I can almost hear him now, soft in calm reassuring tones…
 “Mary, I… I’m sorry it’s not what I wanted for you, hold on… just breathe, oh God be with her here now…
Thoughts running through his mind like his hand through his hair …why, in this place, this uncivil chaotic night in the cold? You can do this, Jesus God with us, softly spoken like warm breath in the cold of night.
Eyes wide with the thrill of it all as he looked on watching God’s only Son …be birthed in this dim humble place. 

Mary, look at me, you’re so brave, come on breathe the babe is almost here. 


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