Read Acts 12-14

What is the difference between Peter and James? The whole church prays earnestly. (Acts 12:5) I just had a prayer call with Mary Beth and we discussed the amazing turnaround of this passage. She mentioned how it starts off with King Herod in power, James killed, and Peter in prison. It ends with Herod dead, Peter miraculously freed from prison, and the gospel flourishes. Rhoda is so overjoyed, and the truth of a house of prayer turning into a house of praise stands before us. The echo of the book of Esther can’t be missed. The one planning murder of God’s chosen is struck down.

Prayer and fasting is a theme throughout the word of God.

ACTS 13 God’s church in Acts has prophets and teachers. Five of these teachers worship, fast, and pray.

Easton’s Bible Dictionary Lucius Of Cyrene, a Christian teacher at Antioch (Acts 13:1), and Paul’s kinsman (Romans 16:21). His name is Latin, but his birthplace seems to indicate that he was one of the Jews of Cyrene, in North Africa.

Only after worship, fasting, and prayer is the mission ahead revealed by the Holy Spirit. Even then they don’t just jump into it. The mission is prepared for by further prayer and fasting and then they lay hands on Saul and Barnabas and send them off. In Paphos, they face trickery and opposition by a sorcerer, called by two names, Bar-Jesus and Elymas which sounds like the book ‘Lord of the Rings’.

Good news of forgiveness of sins is proclaimed in the missionary work, and all who believe are set free from every sin. WE must believe it! Continue in this grace of God. Jesus is a light for Gentiles and salvation is to reach the ends of the earth. It’s the same mission today. Isaiah 49:6 The result of salvation is great joy and infilling of the HOLY SPIRIT. Acts 13:52

LORD let us be effective in all our speaking, so many believe. Acts 14:1

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