Read Hosea 10-14

God takes no delight in nor does he desire sacrifices and offerings. The Law requires these. God will annul the former way of acquiring righteousness. He will sow his SON as the perfect means to righteousness. Read in in Hebrews 10, and Psalm 40:6-8. The capacity to hear god to hear the shepherds voice is it far more valuable service than just giving burnt offerings and sin offerings. It sounds like relationships rich and true relationship with God is more valuable to God.

And just like in psalms 40 the Psalmist isn’t hiding God‘s faithfulness salvation and steadfast love nor is he hiding his truth. Hosea the prophet is saying the same thing.

Hosea also links ISRAEL is a luxuriant vine and it’s producing a ton of fruit. Bottom line it’s really prospering but GOD links prosperity and idol worship think obelisks, golden calves, idolatrous pillars. All of this abundance has divided their heart and made it deceitful.

Judgement springs up like hemlock in the fields. This analogy is like what Jesus said that they cares of this world can choke the gospel seed. (Mark 4:9)

The profit Hosea and his contemporary the prophet Isaiah no longer calls Bethel meaning house of God but they call it Beth-aven the house of idolatry. Hosea 10:12 is a good reminder for us today. What sort of seed are we sowing?

CAN WE BE DIRECT? SOW Jesus into the soil of your heart and you will reap the righteousness and the fruit of unfailing love.

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