Read 2 Kings 8:16-9, 2 Chronicles 21-22:1-9

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God holds himself to his promise to maintain a lamp for David AND HIS WORD is the only reason he doesn’t fully destroy.

HE STILL keeps his word. Whatever the Lord has promised he will maintain. Psalms 9:16 says the Lord has made himself known; he has executed judgment; the wicked are snared in the work of their own hands. Higgaion. (FYI it means to meditate). SELAH. And here in Psalm 9:16 where Higgaion is followed with Selah back to back like this is an exclamation, a double pause for meditation.

Also Elijah writes a letter GOD’s will is known. Judgment is coming. He calls Jehoram to account for murdering his brothers. And when the word written by Elijah happens and Jehoram’s death comes painfully no one mourns. SELAH.

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