Barry DeVice, my granddad

Life teaches. Father’s and grandfathers show us how to live. We are ever winning or ever learning. He was often learning and sometimes winning.

Granddad taught me in his learning attitude toward life, move with zeal while you can. At 86 he often was ready to go, to show up for the day ahead with an attitude of humor and a dogged determination. And this he always had, a zeal for each day. His lesson to us is LIVE with zeal and perseverance, a day is coming when moving, balance, walking a straight line will be more than a challenge. It will be darn near impossible. So wake up, make a list, plan to eat a good meal and bring your appetite, pack a gun, attend church, pray for your family, arrange a ride, make a list and buy the items listed, keep doing projects, keep a eye out for an new car, for independence is reluctant to leave, independence camps in your life long into the hours passed it’s welcome for the family, but it’s your guest and your house rules and you’ve not said, it’s time to go.

So dance while you can. I understand.

Good GRIEF cries. I understand.

In this too God has a plan. You, granddad provided a place to grow up, an orchard to play in, raspberry bushes to enjoy eating, you are much like the wrap around porch I wildly jump off, over those prickly bushes, with Shane and Ryan, and Jay, just to see how far we can jump. And here I am jumping again, with cousins and brothers whooping and hollering. Granddad you are the gift, and the shelter of your company have launched this family and we are running, living with ardor, trying just to see how far we can jump. You taught me to skip rocks, to enjoy long walks and gardens, and good meals. And yes at the table good manners are a must. And when forgotten an apology isn’t above you. I’m running barefoot on those painted boards of wood when smack the screen door forever closes. GOOD GRIEF cries. House of my grandfather, oh the joy of taking care of you, GOOD GRIEF CRIES, on you my GOD I WILL RELY.

Victor Hugo said it best.




My mom, Sherry died before her dad. But yesterday we found a card she gave grandpa from a prior undated Father’s day. If she had been present we have an idea of what she would have said and did say years before she died.

‘My life is blessed by you in every way possible. You are my most favorite man on earth. Love and hugs your devoted daughter. (heart)xo You win the award for the best dad ever. My best memories are all from the times with you. Love always Sherry’

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