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Charity Rattray Team Lead
Sydney Lund found Jesus with Awake years ago and now is with Circuit Riders as a house mom for the fall ministry session and will be joining Awake for Winter/Spring 2022. 
Zan Fiskum who was recently a season 18 ‘THE VOICE’ finalist. She plays both secularly (recently joined John Legend on tour) and has years of experience in worship leading, not to mention she travels with Charity Rattray in ministry. Below is a little bio about the two of us. Check out a sample of her number one streamed song,  ‘How Can I‘.
Ashley Peterson has lead worship for revival meetings (we took a team in 2017,and in 2018) to Uganda Africa, doing a collaborative worship tour with 7 different churches on the ground in Kampala. She also has experience in all city unity gatherings in Washington state.  
Ashley and Zan will be offering coaching sessions while we are in Waco. We have a few other team members flying down as participants.

Patti Adkisson is a seasoned leader who has a love for missions. Charity and Patti have served on mission together for 18 years. Their first mission trip to the nations was a hot second ago, way back in 2009 to Mozambique on the southeast coast of Africa.

Jen Roush has written for the Awake blog, and leads her family wholehearted for supporting missions, she and Abe her husband traveled with their family to Haiti to support family reunification through Child Hope.

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