This week I want you to know your value. Prayer imparts tremendous value to us. Our all powerful God wants to listen to us, hear us. The Lord’s Prayer is giving us a gift of value. It is a gift of relational tenderness. This prayer shows us the character and softness of God.  It’s only in the strength of good relationship we can say, “YOUR WILL BE DONE” Matthew 6:10

To say to anyone let alone God “your will be done” requires a whole lot of trust. You chose where we eat dinner. Your will for what show we watch tonight. Your will on how we spend our afternoon on the one day off I have all week. Concessions of our own will can be really tough in even our closest relationships.

If I’m gonna trust you, I need to know you. Have you ever felt that? And when Jesus is teaching us to pray he isn’t asking us to do something he didn’t do. Jesus 100% of the time practices what he teaches. Sure it was hard, and even Jesus required angelic strength.

In Luke 22:42-43 “Father, if You are willing, take this cup from Me. Yet not My will, but Yours be done.” Then an angel from heaven appeared to Him and strengthened Him. (There is that network of help again)

Jesus will extend total trust in the character of the FATHER. Jesus shows us the trustworthy nature of God. The lesson on prayer doesn’t stop at YOUR WILL BE DONE. It’s not like hey you prayed my will, I’ll take it from here. In teaching us the language of prayer there is more. More items IN HIS WILL FOR US. Within the larger circle of God’s good WILL there are a few items of constant importance. There are a few aspects about your life God wants you to involve his help.

Matt. 6:11 GIVE US TODAY OUR DAILY BREAD (this sounds like my Gram, what have you ate today Char?) God is interested in your physical needs. Intentional care can be seen so clearly like when my friend Diana Miller knew I loved watermelon and it was my birthday. She brought a me watermelon instead of cake and she put a candle in it, so good, in the summer watermelon is the best cake replacement. I felt seen. Daily bread is a way to feel seen by God. Feel his specific care. Praying for food is practical and personal, and Jesus did this more than once.

Jesus first miracle will supply wine at a wedding. His care and concern for the celebration to continue is real. He will multiply fish and bread for 5,000 so that no one will faint on the way home. God is good, and wants your daily meals met. Is there a time you knew the food you were eating was given to you by God?

This Jesus authored prayer is written in plural. We are to pray it, as a community. The recipients are plural. It’s not just for me, or just for you, it’s for us. Bread is to be shared. Meals are to be shared. This is a glorious togetherness.

SAMANTHA STITT GGG baby – God’s Glorious Goodness 

It is easy to think that we have been given a stone when we asked God for bread, or a serpent when we asked for a fish (Matthew 7:9-10). But how many of us are aligned with His heart? How many of us waited expectantly? How many of us trusted that He is GOOD? His responses to our requests can look different or come later than our expectations, but let’s challenge and encourage ourselves to wait on the Lord with wild abandon, trusting that He will answer every single prayer and petition (and so much more). He will say yes, He will say no, but He will ALWAYS be good. Just as we know how to give good gifts, how much more does God know how to give good gifts? (Matthew 7:11) To trust in the Lord’s goodness is to trust that He is working for your good especially in the worst of times! 

To trust in the Lord’s goodness is to wait on the Lord’s answer even when it takes years to see. Don’t get me wrong, God can and will answer faster than we even expect. But for those prayers that make us question whether He is really there, whether He is really listening, whether He is really good, one day we will look back and see His glorious answer. Truly we have received it. We just didn’t know how to see it. Beautiful Father, thank you that we can trust you to pour out the fullness of your goodness on our lives even when we don’t know what that looks like. Amen


In Matthew 7:7 Jesus tells us “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you.” He is painting a picture of how our relationship with Him should look like. He wants to give us what we seek, but the key is that He wants us to ask first and be vulnerable because He was first vulnerable with us. There isn’t anything that He asks of us that He didn’t already do. He shows us time and time again in the bible what He will do when we have faith in Him and ask Him to do things. Every healing in the bible occurred because someone had undeniable faith and they simply asked Jesus for it. 

This verse is not just about Jesus answering our prayers and giving us what we ask for but it’s about having faith in Him to do those things for us. He says “seek and you will find”, which means we have to put in the initial effort to create that relationship with Him. When there is that relationship He wants to shower us with His gifts, to open doors for us, and to reveal things to us. So seek His face and let Him take care of the rest.



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