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“Gifted evangelistic leaders bear the responsibility to equip their congregation to be able to tell others about Jesus, but the opportunities for faith sharing will emerge from questioning unbelievers.” Michael Frost

Think about the way you live.  This day only comes around one time.  Do you have a intriguing lifestyle?  Real life is happening all around us.  Faith expressions must be genuine.  Platforms are not for popularity they are for connection.  Make it your goal to connect people to God through the platform of your day.

In order for people to engage us with a question we must live different.  Is your Insta-feed different?  Is your interaction with others different?  A suggestion for doing life different today, take the opportunity to bless others.

Why? because it feels amazing to be blessed.  You know you have been blessed by the strength you feel afterward.  It feels real.  You feel stronger.

To bless is to speak well of, or to praise, to make happy the other person.

To bless literally means to strengthen another’s arm to fill them with encouragement.


Doing anything that helps them, relieves their burden, lifts their spirit, or drops that wall of depression or distress.


  1. word of affirmation
  2. act of kindness
  3. gifts

While in Denver, Colorado a snow storm hit yesterday.  My good friend and I were so cold we decided anything hot would do.  Starbucks a short block away pulled us like a magnet.  I ordered a hot cup of coffee for one hand and a hot cup of tea for the other.  It was better than buying gloves for the walk to the tram in order to catch our flight home.

While waiting for our orders at Starbucks something unusual happened.   A homeless man attempted to steal a piece of cheese.  In the crowd it would have gone unnoticed.  An older woman saw the initiation of the act and intervened.  I wondered if she was a nun.  Warm “God Bless You’s” were frequently spoke as she purchased his meal and coffee.   Another woman followed suit behind her buying food for another homeless man.  They were happily generous.  I needed to know what prompted this and had to question the woman.

Is this an outreach?  Why did you do it?  Do you always do this on Sunday mornings?

She said rather than let him steal she took the opportunity God put before her to bless him without condition and without shame.

The choice is ours and the opportunity is there look for it. Love Char

Question:  What do I really want out of today?  Enjoyment comes from giving not from getting.  Learning comes from observation.  Hang out with someone who lives this way.

Information on blessing is from the book, Surprise the World The Five Habits of Highly Missional People

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