Dear Twenty-Something, Brook Montes

Brook. Twenty something New Yorker living & following Jesus in Miami. There isn’t a Gilmore Girls episode I don’t love or a sour snack I can’t eat. I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart and we’re raising up one rambunctious fur baby that we love so much.

Dear Twenty-Something

Since you are very much still in the “something” part of your twenties, I want to shed a little perspective as to what you’ve learned thus far. Please have an open heart because not everything will you like to read but if you tuck these truths in your heart, they will serve you greatly later on. I promise.

Life isn’t frivolous and you are not invincible. I get it, everyone is partying and social drinking is a lot better than being sober but no you are not “fine” and you should’ve had a designated driver. Life is moving fast and every night seems like a blur but you’ll always remember the gut wrenching feeling of waking up the next morning and not remembering how you got home.

God doesn’t stop talking to you, you’ve just stopped listening. You’ll get on your knees when you’ve finally reached your breaking point and wonder how did God get so far from you? Well, He’s always been in the same place but like a ball floating in the ocean, you’ve drifted further and further away. “The shore was right there, wasn’t it? I remember seeing the sand,” you’ll say. But all along with every wild night and every dreary morning, you’ll be reminded that God never forsook you, it was you that forsook Him.

There is hope. When you’ve reached the end of your rope and think “how could God possibly want anything to do with me?” He’ll be waiting there patiently for your return. He’ll whisper in your ear that you’ve always been loved and remind your heart that He is not mad that you walked away. We are only but a knees-drop away from reclaiming the relationship that’s rightfully ours which is the one we share with our heavenly father. There is no separation to great to keep us from His love. Dear twenty-something year old, your life depends on you believing that with your whole heart.

Signed, redeemed.


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