The Annual Princess Night


Charity Rattray here, Founder and President of United by Love and I am honored to announce our opportunity to go to Uganda, Africa in October 2018. 

In our City Wide Worship Community in Ellensburg we have been experiencing God’s work of uniting churches, families, and worshippers and last year we extended these endeavors of unity to Kampala Uganda.   We were able with God’s help to unite 7 different churches in Kampala gather worship leaders and host a worship camp for 3 days at Bethany Village where we began the rehearsals and igniting our hearts of prayer and worship. After our worship camp we launched 7 worship gatherings in public high schools and churches across the city reaching over 3,000 Ugandans and reviving the hearts of missionaries there. 

As with missionary work, one visit leads to another invitation and I have been asked to return and speak at the annual Princess Night hosted in Kampala at the City Church.  I will be taking a small team of women Becky Jones, Jessica Bonar, Maggie Stermetz and Kathy Morris to impart faith and vision into the sisters of Uganda as well as to learn from them and be mutually encouraged.  This is your invitation to join our team in the work of the gospel, to give of your support with your resources, ie prayer, time and financial for this beautiful gospel work.  On November 7th, 2018 we aim to tell the women, “This world NEEDS a woman like you.  Your smile, your presence, your vision, and your calling is vital, yet without an internal vitality to persevere the world is devoid of your distinct gifts, your beautiful perspective, your glorious passion.  You CAN persevere and overcome in the Spirit’s power, joy, and abiding faithfulness.  Yes, you CAN rise up and take your place.” 

Together along with the team in Uganda and from the US will you help us tell them who they are in the fullness of the gospel’s power?  

And to close in the words of Christ “I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity.  Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

To love,

Charity Rattray

Founder and President,

United by Love Int.


Wishing you a Happy New Year. Three months after my wedding, I happened to go to the USA for further studies. I got so stressed in my four years of college that I lost over 30 pounds. One of my friends took me to women of Faith conference where I saw ladies sharing testimonies of joy, and peace of the Lord. I felt all the stress vanishing.  After taking selfies and making friends, we were taught to get back our pens and write stories to the future generation. I did exactly that and stated my vision. “To equip and inspire Christian ladies worldwide with the knowledge of who they are in Christ through mentorship and counseling in order to produce excellent women influencers at all levels”.

The Princess Night started in 2014 to celebration ladies through the Princess Night. In this great event, we prepare a big party for ladies of all classes. We realized that women in Africa work harder than men, they take care of almost every need of the family because the men are becoming less responsible. We set out to celebrate these ladies but also train them to take their influence to a level of raising young men and women who are truly excited about work etc.

Ladies come together to share testimonies, connect, motivate, and get challenged on how they can become a princess. Knowing their purpose in life, seeing their beauty, treasured and also get inspired to change their behavior in order to behave as children of the King. We do this through, loving on them, inspiration and education from to God’s word. The Princess Night happens is an environment for most of them to test the life of a palace. It happens annually.  One of the aspects is to see ladies smile through every pain but see value in their life. We focus on ladies 18 years and above, married and single.

This Event is organized by a group of Women in the City Church, and volunteers from other places who share the same passion and vision. The princess Night event started with 80 ladies and numbers have kept growing over the past 4 years (To see photos, visit our social Media link:

On the princess Night event, ladies get their ‘alone time’ in a beautified place for purposes of relaxing and having fun together as children of God. Before the event, we advertise and encourage ladies to dress up just like Princesses. We cheer them on as they walk on the red carpet, they get a treat to loyalty and as we end the evening, all ladies are crowned, each at a time as princesses of the highest God, who is our king. Great speakers are hosted to inspire and motivate ladies. Lots of eating takes place as well. All kinds of food, snacks, sometimes ice cream etc. Some ladies eat until there zip bust open because it is their first time to get such care and good food. By the end of the evening, everyone is ready to face life again but this time, with a positive attitude.

We want to reach out to ladies from all over Uganda and Africa through social media, radio and TV, we also want representatives from different countries to spread global. We have had ladies from Rwanda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, DRC, South Africa and even USA. Previously, people have been flying to Kampala to attend the event. Our desire now is to have the same event in seven other countries in Africa. Not only do we focus on religion or culture, we also partner with ladies from other organizations and as them support this gospel.

Through women that attend the event, we get sponsors. That’s how for the last years, we have mostly managed to raise money for expansion and also pay the service providers. In partnership with The City Church and others, now we have a main team of six ladies who have worked hard to see this happen.

This year, to be able to cover the costs, People will have to pay $15(50,000ugx) to be part of the November event.  Of course some ladies can’t afford so we look for sponsors every year to support these ladies.  In future we plan to sell books, magazines, and also t-shirts.

Impact of The princess night has been incredible. Last year alone, we recorded at least 200 ladies that came to get energized. Actually some of them confessed that they had given up on life.  Every month we receive requests from men that want something like this but we have not yet acted on this. 

Our goal every November is to challenge ladies to step out of their comfort and reign in their God-given talents, to be fearless influencers and to also create a better world for the next generation. If women believed in themselves, they wouldn’t be in abusive relationships, they wouldn’t be lazy, or feel jealousy of each other. Instead they would be uplifting each other with the love of God.

I am so grateful to God for giving me a wonderful team. We are more than a family here and leading this team has helped me to become a better leader. I have gone through different stretches but it’s helped me to move from one level of leadership to another. I can truly say confidently that I feel grounded as a leadership. My people trust me as I also support them.

I have always looked for ways to grow and keep improving my leadership.  So now I seek out people who are great at things that I can’t do well, people that I can learn from. Since I desire to be an effective and fearless leader, I seek to touch people’s hearts before I ask for a hand. This world has become my full-time work. I initiate connection even when there are many obstacles. We like it when people come and experience God’s love with us. We hope to see you very soon and excited to hear you speak to us all.

Yours in fellowship,

Faith N. Mutagubya

The City Church – Luzira

Kampala Uganda

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