Psalm 63 and Coffee

Saturday morning calls for some good coffee and a short read! Here ya go! Enjoy.

You walk in after a day of restful play on a brilliant white sand beach. The sun has warmed you completely and the ocean waves lift the weight of a year and all it’s craziness. Your dress is perfect tailored and you are radiant. Beautiful. Except for this massive hunger that only a day in the water can bring on.

The banquet feast and it’s aroma causes you to put your hand on your stomach quietly as you tell yourself it’s coming.

This meal is harvested from local gardens with rich sauces to tease your eyes. This meal is your favorite fair and somehow He knew.

He has been studying you and your responses all day, and not just this day but for months he has been intently observing your likes and dislikes. This meal is his year end final the sum of how well He knows you. Your hunger fades into satisfaction.

“I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you.”

Psalm 63:5 NIV

What if we pray this?

I will be fully satisfied.

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