4 habits, I’m not trying to quit


Ethiopian Mordecofe tasting notes from Stumptown has me super thankful I have a coffee habit and my brother Jay has a camera.  And thinking of habits I wonder what are yours?

These are parts to the whole of the zenith in my morning routine.

  1. Coffee pulling shots in the morning
  2. Exercise move the body via a walk, hike, or a class
  3. Communication reaching out to friends and family
  4. Faith grounding my spirit in promise daily

And these are in no particular order.  They are the habits of my life.  What are your habits?

The joy in communicating with my friends and family doesn’t come from everyone replying with alacrity.  They delay their responses.  I enjoy the way the messages trickle into the stream of my day sometimes with those who live on the other side of the world they are sent in the middle of the night.  It is a gift to my morning the pics and messages they send.

And then there is the faithful friends I hike, take sweaty dances classes with, or walk with early in the morning.  Without this habit of connecting over our endorphin release I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the pain that is common to daily life.  They are helping me be stronger in more than just a physical way.

Faith needs feeding.  I know how distracted my thought life can become.  When I center my mind in the word of God repeatedly saying yes to a life of faith it pushes me toward positivity.   I regularly experience grace there.   I often deduce the meaning of my life and its continual value.  I throw off the view that we are all haphazardly living on a cold planet.  I am warmed and united by faithful love to live selfless in a selfish culture.

And yes good coffee.  It’s one of the regular habits that provides sustenance.  It is simple, reliable, and founder of the morning routine.  Daily sameness.  What does your daily sameness look like?

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