Prayer help, so you can get it!

Teach me how to pray more than a grocery list to a supermarket God. The sort of I’ll have this or that and “non feels” sort of prayers.  I don’t want to be on your prayer list, I want to be such a beautiful part of your heart and life you have to share it with God.  When did praying become a list? And why should it when it can be more?

It is important to understand our petitions. The why do I want this clarity and understanding.  Today I’ll will open up my recent journal entry on prayer beware there is a a bit of self here.   Prayer is where I take the messiest bit of who I am.
The bold questions/statements can serve as a guide for you journal writers or conversation map for the verbal processors.  We start with petition which is fancy for request.


Your request starts with what is resting upon your chest most??

God’s direction in all of my family and work related decisions.

The upcoming decisions for our kids school opportunities.

The racial hate in my nation.

The commitments I have to follow through with, and the way I use my time.

Have I given my family enough? Enough good meals? Enough of myself? Is the gift of forgiveness felt when I offer it? God I’m struck by the need to be sincere.  Love must be sincere.

Creator God your word shapes the world speak strength over me. Refresh my energy this August.
What are the feels, aka the base, or the  foundation of my request?

If it is a good direction or outcome related to a work decision, then the feels may be I want a good life, which I naïvely assume implies a successful work load.

My base thought is how aware I am of the spills, mistakes, or wrong decisions I have made therefore my dependence upon God is real.

The foundation I long for my kids to have opportunity for a good future and a good home.

In what area am I growing?

I’m trusting that the not good around me, in my nation, in my own selfish heart God can redeem and work some good into it yet.  I’m trusting that maybe we will find another really cool dog after Drake passed away last month.   I’m continuing to trust that education opportunities and even success may not equate into the best plan.

Give gratitude in the current circumstance:
Thanks for the gifts around my table.  Thanks for the time at the table and the diversity and tolerance I see in my home even if I don’t always see that tolerance outside.  Praise and thanks for many a good night, the well spent evenings with my husband and family.  Thanks for the out of the blue text.  Thanks for the phone call recounting God’s outpouring in Uganda. Thank you for the prayers answered.  Father thank you for the friends I have now in Uganda.  I miss them and love them, let your strong good hand lead them for the best things are yet to come!

Thank you for the page I was reading on the right day.


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