the other attempt

An expansive, huge task lies ahead with espresso I shall prayerfully attempt it.  First you must know the Holy Spirit is God-glorifying.  We see a portion throughout the old testament of the Ghost of God, the glory of God.  Yet He appears as an impossible algorithm to fully decode without a model, without an understanding.  The only way to see clearly is in the rabbinical life of Christ. We are taught the will of God is for us to be born of the Spirit and not of flesh.  This is the intent of all the law and is fulfilled in one life perfectly.  Christ Jesus.  He in the flesh, in the fractured human existence lived fully glorifying God.  He is the original perfect model.  The scripture to live is Christ means living for Christ in this world.  The only way to fulfill this is by the power of the Holy Spirit, otherwise it’s all continual brokenness, attempt and failure, struggle, and shortcoming of the goal.

The Holy Spirit in dove form descending upon Jesus in the Jordan river on that fateful day was fulfilling all righteousness.  Jesus had to be filled with the more of God.  And when he was, all the indications of his earlier life harmoniously agreed when the Father loudly declared, “this is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.”  And to my wonder and sheer delight in the same way Romans 8:16 says the Spirit bears witness to our hearts that we are the children of God.  I am a child of God.  You are a child of God.  In Christ we are given access to the more of God.  You may know this theologically.  You may study this as truth.  However it is only experienced through the Holy Spirit making words into reality.  Just like the fateful day of Christ’s baptism all the fortelling words of promise found their fulfillment in him.  Jesus walking into those waters of baptism the cool water immersion into the love of Father through the filling of the Holy Spirit this is the model of what welcome is awaiting you.

We may objectively know we are the children of God.  Legally we may understand our adoption, however the Holy Spirit convinces you of the powerful loving embrace of God.  The Holy Spirit shows you, what love your Father has for you.

When the Holy Spirit fills you with fullness you are no longer reading about the prodigal and the Father.  You are alive in the parable.  You experience the Father and His amazing love for you while you are a wreck smelling of pig slop and sin.  And here in this place of humility the Holy Spirit helps you.  You come to your senses cautiously approaching only to understand a greater love runs toward you.  It is the love of the Father throwing off restraint and racing on foot to tackle you with affection!  Oh the great love of God!  The Holy Spirit breaths peace on your wandering life and welcomes you home.


  1. Yes!!! Stand firm in it, Walk in it, Run in it, tell the world about it!! Stand firm in what the Lord has done for you, embrace what He has walked you through! Let His grace empower you to do ALL THINGS. Peruse Jesus and in perusing Him you will begin to walk in His holiness, living and breathing as He did when He walked this earth. It’s not about legalism its about wanting to live like the One that you love. Don’t give up, shake it off, move forward, don’t camp in how the world see’s things. You are chosen and you have been redeemed. You are a child of God so lets walk in it!! Good word Charity love your heart for Jesus and Love how you can see Him all over you!

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