An honest conversation

I don’t mind talking about the weather if it’s the diving board to an honest conversation.   Text me your “good mornings” but please don’t just stand in the doorway, come in and enjoy an espresso or cup of tea and tell me all the ways you’d solve the struggle of unity in our nation, or the lack of thirst for education.  Tell me when did your heart-break? I want to know do you even drink coffee or tea, wine or beer?  Tell me about caring for your health and eating well.  Tell me what was your last impulse purchase? What would you do or try if money wasn’t an issue? Tell me about your habits, your routine, and when I’m half asleep tell me what you love, who you love.  Say it quiet so my soul awakes and leans in.  Tell me about the last movie you saw and why it gave you the “feels”?  Recall and retell that story about when you were younger, the one you can’t hardly speak of without laughing in between sentences.  Text me in the middle of the night, when you can’t sleep, remind me when you are away what your voice sounds like when it’s honest and calmly walking through the doorway into the living space of the soul.  Show me the storehouse of all the treasure in you; what have you shelved?  Show me the good stored up in you.  Tell me do you pray and when.  Tell me if you have found your purpose.  I don’t want you to live unknown in the world of polite “how are you’s” and surface replies of “everything’s fine”.




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