Introductions: Kandice Halferty

Remarkable and thoughtful Kandice captures some of life’s best moments.   I am happy for you to meet photographer, Kandice Halftery.  I have so enjoyed the thoughts she shares here.  

“Love… just Love” It’s what the Lord said nearly two years ago, soon after the birth of my son. I had no idea I was capable of more love than I already had for our daughter, Zoey. But my heart opened, like an addition on a home or new fruit bearing branch. 

I used to want to be a missionary. I had a picture of myself exploring new countries, ceaselessly exploring. It happened for a while. Malaysia. South Africa. Egypt. But things changed. I got married. We had kids. 
Mundane. Quotidian. Plain. These were words I once dreaded. I was “wrecked for the ordinary” I thought. But then with kids and a husband, with recipes to find, gifts to buy, groceries, Kleenexes gone because my son’s nose can flow like Niagara… with all of that I have become what I once thought I dreaded: “mundane.” 
But this isn’t a story of fortune lost, or dreams dashed. This isn’t a mom’s regret reflecting on an unfinished calling. Since Zoey I have come to see the surprise in the everyday. It’s why I started using #MundaneMonday on Instagram six months ago. I wanted a venue to capture the expansion of my heart in the face of the ordinary. 
Rebekah Lyons’ writes in her book Freefall to Fly, “I want to live this one life well.” It’s a simple statement that’s felt like a ton of bricks and a kind hand all at once.
So, like the surprising and fantastic expansion of love I experienced with the birth of my son, I have seen my love continue to grow, to joyfully encompass even snotty noses, midnight wake ups, Cheerioes under couches, and more because they come from the same littles that surprise me with hugs and say, “I love you mom. You’re beautiful” and draw pictures of treasure maps and stare into my eyes and then laugh, for no reason and so much more. This is my beautiful life, and I love it. 


I, Charity, encourage enjoy a fresh approach to daily life with Kandice.  “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard 

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More about Kandice: While at home in a variety of photographic styles, Kandice is particularly drawn to the beauty in the unstaged and everyday. As a wife and mother of two she’s come to see that the most treasured moments happen during story time, around the table, or while playing in the backyard. Kandice seeks to capture those moments for her clients, the small celebrations that give life levity and meaning. 

Technically trained at Hallmark Institute of Photography she also has over seven years of experience in a variety of photographic fields. To start a conversation about asking Kandice to capture the beauty of your everyday life send emails to or check out her website –


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