Responses came.  This is a view into the creative, collaborative, process.  Raw and written in their original form.  If you want a look into the hearts of some incredible humans.  Read on.  The first portion is from Whitney Trammell.  The second and the photography are the work and words of Jamie Ronning.  Come alive and create with me! These will be the only words I write here.


I am creative. I am created by the most awesome Creator and am honored that He has gifted me with that desire as well. At this point in my life, it is easy for me to feel stifled by my situation—parenting two small children does not offer much “me” time to reflect, get introspective, and let the response to that process flow out of me through the artsy medium of my choice. It’s frustrating.

I am frustrated that I can’t do things when and how I want to do them. I am frustrated that I feel like I lose myself more and more in becoming “Mom.” I am frustrated because I am jealous of others who make the time to draw or play music or paint or anything that doesn’t involve children. I am frustrated that I am frustrated. But I am blind. I am blind to the boundless world of beauty, fascination, and discovery that my children live in and invite me into daily. I am blind to the opportunity to develop in my kids the interests that I have enjoyed in my life—to draw with them, paint with them, play guitar, sing, play in the dirt, rocks, mud. I am blind to the creativity I do display through activities with my daughter and son, through dinners tossed together, and through designing their rooms and making new toys. Endless creative opportunites abound in my life, but I choose not to see them. Jesus, open my eyes to your beauty. Let me find you in changing a dirty diaper. Reveal your Love in my daughter who has gotten out of bed for the 6th time this hour, just longing to be close to her parents. Create in me a clean heart, Oh God, and renew a right spirit within me. Rejuvenate my outlook and my mindset and help me to become your hands and feet—creating, sharing, and loving as you would have me do.


Hey friend,
So a couple things came to mind for me when I read Whitney’s thoughts. I first thought about photography. It’s one of my greatest passions. But often times I complain about how I don’t have enough time to do it because my life feels more and more overrun by my 3 children I’m responsible for, meals that need to be prepared, a house that needs to stay clean, a husband to stay connected to and the list goes on. But in recent years the Lord has shown me that this passion and gifting he has given me can so easily be weaved into the fibers of my every day; into the mundane. In this season I simply can’t and won’t go out and try to create this booming photography business. Not in this stage of life at least. I believe my job as a mother and wife will be my most important. But I’m thankful to God that he has wired me in my own unique way and He doesn’t want me to lose my identity in my responsibilities and the many hats I wear. In the midst of my taxing role of motherhood He wants me to pursue creativity, pursue my passions which in turn will give me joy, give me a heart of thanksgiving and ultimately bring me back to He who gave me these passions to begin with- the one who created us all!
My second thought was that I would choose a few pics that touched on different areas of what she wrote and let you decide which one you like:) The first is one I actually took this morning. The two older have been taking turns that last few nights coming into our room in the middle of night usually shortly after I’ve been up feeding the baby. As most parents know, children in your bed means inadequate sleep. I woke up this morning cranky and tired. I was done having my kids sleep with us at night. Once I got out of my self loathing, selfish mindset my eyes were opened to a glorious sight; my three beautiful children snuggling up with their momma first thing in the morning. So I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and captured them in all their sweetness. A mundane moment:) The second is one of my favorite pics I took of Dave and the kids at the beach. My soul is lifted when our kids take part in what their parents love. In this case the ocean, the beach, being outdoors. The third is a pic of dishes:) I took it last week. Thought it would be a good reminder of what life was once like. Haha. Wasn’t planning on writing all of these but it just sort of happened. Good thing my kids are passed out on the couch watching a movie. Love you! And again a link to my website is

J. Ronning Photography

J. Ronning Photography

J. Ronning Photography

J. Ronning Photography


  1. The second photo by J. Ronning should be my profile picture and not to be discouraging my kiddos are much older and my husband helps with the kitchen! But daily it goes from clean to the beauty posted above…Why? Because we live here! Choose to live in this day! <3

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