Pivot Leadership: book review 

I met Angela in Chelan, and as I write this blog I am back in Chelan a blessed lakeside town in the Northwest.  We are celebrating my son’s 14th birthday.  And today I am up early reflecting on how thankful of the many small steps in my relationship with a leader of leaders Angela Craig, and consuming her excellent book, Pivot Leadership! 

Angela personally has been a game changer in my leadership roles.  The gift of having her book in hand full of the practical words necessary for definitive change is like Christmas in July.  Angela’s story is remarkable but what I find in her book is the practical how to, the encouragement towards action,  the insight of experience for my leadership journey.  For those who know me they know that I work with different denominations for a united purpose of honoring Jesus and coming together in worship.  A tough horizon for sure! Using the small steps of creative leadership I have learned as a member of Angela’s Northwest women’s team I have gained experience and equipping for the task. Today a line that stands out in her book describing an effective leader, is one of  Angela’s strengths.

This leader engages a web of people from diverse backgrounds and strengths to join together and act in collaboration with a spirit of community and celebration to reach their common goal. Not only does the leader bring success through transparency; the leader brings success by seeing and knowing the people he or she is working with. 

Angela Craig Pivot Leadership

To know someone and let them know you, this makes all the difference.   All our accomplishments, titles, and trophies are impressive but not always impactful.  Yes, real impact comes from knowing and being known.

We were hosting a women’s retreat and in a brief call we heard the one word that we wanted from our speaker,  transparency.  Within the first few minutes of our conversation Angela highlighted on the importance of leading from a transparent place that was real and authentic.  We knew then just as I know now- Angela is the real thing.

In Pivot Leadership she gives practiced insight over and over again until you feel the courage and gain the momentum needed to lead in an effective way.

  1. I simply would like to say for your personal resource get this book in your hands!  I know in my leadership life Angela Craig’s presence has made a remarkable impact and will continue to infuse our culture with courage, action, and motivation to rise up and lead.


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