Merci, thank you.



Currently I am in Paris, cafe Pison to be exact and have been on a surprise getaway with my husband.  He shocked me as I had no clue we were going any farther than a few hours from home to take a little time for us.  
The cafe is quiet this morning with great food- poppyseed cake, a cappuccino, and a hearty raspberry smoothie hits the spot.  Before I eat, I enjoy pausing to give thanks.  
Thankful prayers, are such a great way to connect to God.  Jesus while living out his humanity, hungered and gave thanks.  His dialogue with the Father so simple.  He would utter his thanks and dig in.  Yet his thanks was so powerful it proceeded the dead to life wonder: Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead man was lying. And Jesus lifted up His eyes and said, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. (John 11:41 NKJV)
There is a contrast of simpler thanks and powerful thanksgivings.  Both are parts of the whole.
When my children were little they would say prayers and not always know the words.  Obie with his blue eyes would look up at me and question how to talk with God.  So one night I simply said, “tell Him (God) everything you are thankful for” …ahhhmazzingly he caught that concept.  His little hands in prayer his thanks rambling as a child before God.
Thanksgiving prayers can be a wonderfully simple act, over a meal with a young one, after a school day, in a car ride, oh the ease of thanks.  
However, Jesus shows us thanks that will redirect our lives in such a powerful way especially when we are facing the impossible! Your prayer of thanks can shake the ground.  You can quietly or loudly in the conflict, in the mess, give your Father thanks.  Thank him that he hears you. Look around and watch with expectancy for the shift thanksgiving brings to the circumstance.  It may be within you a lightness is felt, or perhaps the same Spirit of Christ who called Lazareth up from the grave will fill you with the courage to command life from death.   Whatever the range between simplicity and profuse power thanksgiving is the prayer we must take time to say.

Thank you- Father for our very lives.

   Merci beaucoup

   Thank you very much- Father for our loves- family, friends, community, small group, mentors, our dogs, all those who fill our days with joy.

   Merci mille fois, Mille fois merci
Thanks a million- for your gift of Jesus Christ.
And now your turn:

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