An Introduction to the Spirit of God.

I recently spoke on the gifts of the Holy Spirit at a women’s retreat.  The day before I spoke I decided to take the scriptures about the Holy Spirit and write an introduction to the Giver of the Gifts.  You may understand how a gift is more treasured, when you actually know the giver.  Please allow me to introduce the Holy Spirit.
I am the Holy Spirit, I was in the beginning before the beginning yes I AM, the I AM hovering over the waters.  I carried the prophets along.  
I led Jesus.  I taught the disciples what to say at the very hour they needed it.  I am given by the breath of the resurrected Son of God, Jesus.  I reveal the will of the Lord in the lives of mankind.  You are baptized into me.  I give the commands of Almighty God.  I fill men and they speak in other tongues.  I fill mankind and they prophesy.  I fill mankind and they preach boldly.  I am a witness of God.  I fall upon those with open ears to hear the word.  I send out witnesses in all the earth.  I bear witness when counsel seems good.  I forbade Paul to go to certain regions.  I testify to God’s sons and daughters as to what awaits them in the future.  I give righteousness peace and joy.  I fill your body like the glory filled the temple in the days of Solomon.  You belong to me.  I, the Spirit of God, fellowship with you all.  I dwell within you and guard the good deposit entrusted to you.  You will pray in me, and build yourself up in me.  I have been in the midst of all of God’s people. When you make disciples don’t forget about me, in the name of the Father the Son and yes I am mentioned there too, in the name of the HOLY SPIRIT.  I crush your anxiousness by speaking through you.   I can fill babies with my fullness even in the womb.   I was upon Simeon, who was waiting for the consolation of Israel when he declared Jesus the Messiah.  The Father told John whom He sent to baptize that who I landed upon and remained would be the one who baptized men with me, the Holy Spirit.  I am the HELPER.  I am sent in the name of JESUS to teach you all things and cause you to remember.  I give power when I come upon you, so that you can give witness.  I am promised to all who believe.  I am poured out in response to the promise of JESUS.  I shake the ground and fill those who pray with the word of God and boldness. I wouldn’t tolerate the lies of Ananias.  I can be resisted, through stiff-necked people, and uncircumcised hearts and ears.  I seal men for the day of redemption.  I fill disciples with joy. My power does good and heals those who are oppressed by the devil. 
I am a gift poured out even to the Gentiles.  I set you apart for work to which I have called you.  I make overseers to care for the church of God. I am given by the laying on of hands.  I am right when I speak for I speak the truth.  I the Spirit of God, I pour God’s love into your hearts.  I fill you with power so that you abound in hope.  I sanctify you to be acceptable.  I am the seal of the gospel for salvation.  I bring full conviction.  You receive my joy when you receive the word.  God gives me to you.  I wash you and regenerate and renew you.  I give gifts that bear witness by signs wonders and various miracles and by giving gifts distributed according to God’s will.  I the Holy Spirit indicate the way.  Not will of man but the will of God produces my prophecies.  Those who believe in Jesus will speak from God as I carry them along.  I placed the seed of Christ in the womb of Mary.  I descended in bodily form like a dove on Jesus.  I am given in the same good nature of you wanting to give good gifts to your children.  If you ask the Father for me I will fall upon you.  When you repent and are baptized you receive the gift of me, I am the Holy Spirit.  I filled Stephen.  Men walk in my comfort.  No one can say “Jesus is Lord” except in me, the Holy Spirit.  I am sent from heaven.  I caused Jesus to rejoice in God’s will.
I will be with you forever.  You know me, because I abide with you and am in you.  I the Helper the Holy Spirit whom the Father sends will come to you if you love Jesus and together Jesus and I will make our HOME with you.  Jesus sends me to you.  I will not speak on my own initiative but whatever I hear I will disclose to you.  I will glorify Jesus!  Walk in me, stand firm in your freedom.  I will impart faith to you.  You will bear my fruit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.  Live by me, the Spirit and walk by me, the Spirit.  I bring unity and the bond of peace to the body of Christ. I give gifts to men, some prophets, some evangelists some pastors and some teachers to equip the saints for the work of service to the building up of the body of Christ.  I am the Sword in your armor, soldier.  All prayer and petition is made through me, the Spirit.  I will groan for you.  I will help you in your weakness, when you don’t know how to pray, I will pray.  

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