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With him, Jared Ryan

“With him” Jared Ryan and I together for 17+ years and 4 kids, highs and lows- some of that includes the burial of his brother Josh, our nephew Kameron, and recently my Mom. Our Jonah (now 14) at age 5 was airlifted to Harborview and we walked through the real threat of possibly loosing our…

Four ways of restoration.

When your world turns upside down- practically and relationally- you need ways to right your world again. The unfortunate truth about community is the mess of the mass.  When we are attempting to live in close proximity to anyone- our lives will smack – shoulder to shoulder in a crowded room.  I must confess as much…

Haiku numbers 2-4

Haiku mud dirt barren earth one by one rain droplets come water flow to the furrows grace came like water heavy in March abundant  tender shoots of green a field lush with life we blow a thousand wishes  wonder loosed on wind