Read Matthew 19, Mark 10:1-31, Luke 16-17, 18:1-30

Our Shepherd, Jesus calls out and attacks hypocritical judgement amongst the flock. He tells about 10 who are healed of leprosy where it’s only a Samaritan who comes back to thank him. The Samaritan’s gratitude gives Jesus a chance to weigh in on his miracle. It’s his faith that played a huge role. It is significant that Jesus points out his faith is real even though his ethnicity is different from the other 9. Luke 17:15-16 reveals his thankful attitude, loudly praising God. Religion and ethnic differences can divide so drastically. Have you ever felt ethnic or religious superiority? It’s distain looking down a long nose at your life? Have you ever found yourself looking down on others? Or even praying in a way that is a foul odor of superiority, as you are overly thankful your life is better than someone else? ALL OF THIS WILL NOT DO. Jesus shows us to persist in our faith, and to live full of gratitude. Watch out for bitterness. Forgiving is a way of living. Luke 17:3 Also be quick to repent if you’ve gotten wrong, or stepped over a line. This is our duty. Be a foreigner to the distain of any group full of pride. Don’t even speak their language. Surprise them by not jumping in much the way you have shocked your former friends by not partying or getting drunk. 1 Peter4:3-5

Jesus teaches all of his followers to pray and not give up. We persist in petition without pride. Where do you need to thank him? Where do you need to persist?

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