Read Luke 14-15

If you had to chose one of the gospel writers to have lunch with who would you chose? Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John? Matthew would order something kosher for sure. Mark would possible chose a deli for the brevity and immediacy. Luke would take you to a healthy spot known for getting you your greens and then invite you to the banquet he is throwing? John would perhaps tell you he is fasting and you should too!

No matter how they would really eat or gather we will feast with them at the banquet hall of GOD.

Father we want to care for the lost prodigal brothers, and the lost sheep! Today let my actions welcome people home, and the seek lost out!
Let my joy increase because your banqueting hall is filled!

MARY BETH “15:32 Jesus spoke three parables unveiling and revealing how the Trinity desires to bring people back through the Son, by the Spirit, to the Father. The Son came as a shepherd, seeking and sacrificing to find the lost sinner. The Spirit seeks the lost sinner like the woman searched with the light of illumination for the lost coin until she found it. And the Father welcomes the returning sinner back to his house. It is the work of the Trinity to bring us back to God.”

This is the last drop down in the TPT version!! I’ve never seen this chapter in this way! So beautiful and so encouraging!

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