Read Luke 10, John 10, 11:1-54

Christ is the good shepherd. If you are his own, you listen. He leads. You follow. He saves. He gives life. He lays down his life to protect the flock. He never behaves like a hired hand, he doesn’t run from the wolves. There is only one flock and one Shepherd. More will be gathered. The Father loves the son, because he lays down his life willingly. You and I are in good care. Lazarus is in his care. His delay, is only attributed to God’s glory. Where have you questioned his care? Where have you said, if you had only been here! Have you ever said like Martha, LORD but, the smell! This stinks! You want me to what? And when have you felt the compassion of Jesus to weep with you? Whatever it is today, give it to the good shepherd.

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