Read Matthew 16, Mark 8:11-38, 9:1, Luke 9:18-27

How much have I already done? How much did I provide last time? From not enough to an abundance, GOD PROVIDES. JESUS I want to understand. (Mark 8:19-21)

God can itโ€™s a fact:
Make prisoners feel joy while they are still in prison!
Satisfy every 3 day long hunger pain on the mountain with leftovers to spare. Jesus is the bread of heaven! You will be satisfied! I will be satisfied.

Think about how the sun obeys when itโ€™s ๐ŸŒž told to stand still. Oh generation live for the faith of Joshua to overtake the galaxy again! Come on. Come on!!
Rise up in great faith! Speak to your mountain.

AMEN, Lord let all your goodness and peace shine on us, like the autumn sun, through the window of our soul, bring light to every dark room and soften us like wax to be pliable and pourable into your perfect and pleasing will. AMEN

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