Read Nehemiah 11-13, Psalms 126

Why do we backslide? In Nehemiah 13 part of the backsliding was marrying these people they weren’t supposed to marry and selling merchandise when they’re supposed to be in fellowship with God. SHOW ME THE MONEY trumped the day of rest.

As for the nation, what will come of it? If Nehemiah isn’t present compromise creeps in. Much the way a team can’t maintain champion status consistently. Nehemiah like an expert coach calls the people back in order and asks God to remember him.

In American history Ben Franklin was asked what form of government the delegates had instituted. He told them: “A republic, if you can keep it.” A KING is coming who can KEEP IT. And the government will be upon his shoulders. Isaiah 9:6

Restoration is like dreaming. Psalms 126 is an absolute masterpiece of promise and comfort. Meditate on it. Dream about God restoring you, your family and friends. Dream about being filled with joy. Christ is coming to put right what no king on earth could do.

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