Read Esther 6-10

Powerless people who put their trust in God, can modify and drastically change the world. The influence of Esther was only plausible because of her willingness to be vulnerable with her own life. She risks all. Mordecai is honored. Take notice of his character and actions to consistently work for the good of his people, the welfare and peace of his whole nation, and the good of the ruling king. His actions are rewarded and yet the verdict unchanged. (Esther 10:3, 6) Esther must break her silence. (Esther 7) Where is God calling you to break your silence?

Esther doesn’t play it safe, she publicly identifies with her people. Haman is caught in his own snare and impaled.

Jesus goes even further than Esther in his risk for God’s people. Jesus doesn’t play it safe and offers his body to crucifixion. He dies our death risking an unreturned love. What NOBEL actions and golden love! Godly love is undaunted by suffering. God’s goodwill is told through endless empires. The world is humbled by John 3:16, and the unchanging affection of GOD extends to us. King Jesus IS PLEASED with you, just as king Xerxes was pleased with Esther. You have found favor in his sight.

Where is God calling you to risk and vulnerability?

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