Read Ezekiel 17-20

It’s interesting during this time of judgment that God really wants people to take personal ownership. Ezekiel tells them they’re not being punished for their parents sin, they are not going to be punished for their children’s sin, rather each person bears their own moral responsibility to come to God.
Consider Jesus willing to take all the punishment, both parents and the children even the grandparents. He’s so different from us, Jesus does not shrink back from carrying the moral responsibility of someone else’s bad decision. He willingly takes the sin of the world upon himself —who is like this? What a beautiful Savior!

Even today God doesn’t punish us for our parents mistakes, or our children for our mistakes.
Read it and KNOW, he is saying each one is judged biased on his own choices in life.
And if you’ve done a whole lifetime of bad choices 😬you can forsake them and God will forgive🥹😀 such a TRUE and MERCIFUL GOD🤌


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