Read Ezekiel 1-4

I think it’s appropriate that Ezekiel’s name means ‘strengthened by God’ in order to be commissioned into the lifestyle of a prophet he will need strength. Ezekiel will first encounter God and subsequently embody the acts/signs of prophetic significance in order to prepare the people for the destruction ahead. You better believe GOD-GIVEN strength will be required. He is already in exile, what more will be required? 

Where were you when God called you? For Ezekiel, he is by the river Chebar, and it’s most likely July. Had it not been for the exile Ezekiel would be a priest at age 30. (Numbers 4:3-4) Instead he is surrounded by captives in Babylon. The sight of God pushes Ezekiel facedown.

We are like Ezekiel in need of God’s word to stand. It’s why we are reading, not to increase our knowledge and PUFF up. 🐡 Rather we read and simultaneously stand fast in the freedom of Jesus. (Gal 5:1)

We read to see Jesus in the prophets, to be strengthened by God’s perfection and plan. It’s like we take that long walk on the road to Emmaus and we are burning as Jesus explains how he’s right there in plain sight in the book of Ezekiel. (Luke 24) 

And thankfully 😅 Jesus wants to explain it. Pray with me as we start, Father, I ask to understand the prophet Ezekiel. Amen

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