Read Jeremiah 38-40, Psalm 74, 79

Jeremiah is constantly being shoved about rescued then promise release and later hauled off with captives. More than challenging. His life is trust in action.
In chapter 39-40 we follow the fall of the king of Judah. Zedekiah’s usefulness is that he keeps Jeremiah alive, but that is where his usefulness stops. Unfortunately he’s not able to rule in the proper fear of the Lord and his fear of the prominent leaders outweighs.
Yes, it’s popular among the prominent leaders to have Jeremiah in the cistern. And the king plays both sides. Agreeing for his harm and the agreeing for his release.
He wants to know the word of the Lord, but has no will to follow it.
His end is dismal.

Jer. 39:18 to Ebed Melek could be modified into a prayer!

God, I know you will save me. I know that I will not fall by the sword. I will escape with my life because I trust in you, Lord.

Psalm 74. Also could be modified into a prayer as well. A prayer to pray when reality has not been merciful, and our world has been turned upside down. When God’s goodness is galaxies away from our devastating circumstances.

Psalm 74 begins with honesty. To let God know you feel abandoned. This prayer is painful for it faces the question, where are you God? Why have you rejected us? This prayer says, remember me. (Psalm 74:2, Luke 23:43)

The Psalm 74 prayer is full with imagery. For example, your anger smokes against us, or we are like a forest that has been logged. They smash it with hatchet and hammers. Your hands are in your pockets.

The author in Psalm 74:12-17 describes what God does or has done. It’s like come on Lord you made the sun.

The last part of this prayer we are we are your congregation. You are our KING. Much like the man hanging on the cross with Jesus, the KING, surely you can help me. Jesus reply, was full of promise. It still is.

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