Read Habakkuk 1-3

Habakkuk starts out with a lot of doubt and questioning how can the Lord use an evil people to judge Judah and Israel and yet he ends with simple, rejoicing and exulting in God, for who God is.
Habakkuk is a contemporary of Zephaniah and he sets the stage for the exile to Babylon prophesying it. Daniel will be hauled off. Jeremiah is his contemporary as well while things are going from bad to worse, and yet he ends in rejoicing, regardless of harvest.
Scholars say that many of the Israelites held onto this particular book before the coming of Christ during the silent years after Malachi, and before Matthew.

Habakkuk shows us that in the midst of God’s judgment, and what is seemingly perplexing, there’s still room for worship and praise to sustain us. Our individual relationship with God cannot be abated by circumstance or judgment. Habakkuk answers the question. What do righteous people do in the midst of an unrighteous time. Psalms 37 says it best do not fret because of men who do evil trust in the Lord.

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