Read Isaiah 64-66

Are you waiting on God?
Are you humbled in your spirit, aware of your need?

God has prepared something you can’t perceive, oh how awesome is your God who will act on your behalf.
God looks on you with favor.
Only wait for him! Is. 64:4, 66:2

Isaiah teaches us that though Israel is ripe like summer fruit for judgement God offers the sure mercies of David. We know mercy triumphs over judgment. He will have the last word. He will subdue sin and heal waywardness. His promise is anchored in his character, HE IS A RESTORER and is redeeming his people. And this redemption goes wide much like the explore reel feature in instagram, HIS redemption will go viral, to nations who have never heard of him, to a people not HIS people.

Sydney Lund Isaiah 64:4 says, “no eye has seen a God besides you, who acts for those who wait for him.”
The Lord has been teaching me a lot about patience and waiting on Him, so every time I see a verse that mentions either of these topics, it sticks out.
In our waiting is when God moves. When we quiet our thoughts and fleshly desires is when He will speak the loudest. We can try all day to “make” the thing happen, but He wants us to release our white knuckle grip and just let go and let Him do it because His plan is so much better.

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