Read 2 Kings 16-17, 2 Chronicles 28

Today it seems fitting to talk about where does our help come from?

The temptation in trial and testing to take help, from any and all potential sources. During the reign of king Ahaz, he yields to dual sources of help, first, sending the treasures from the house of God to the Assyrian king, and then worshipping multiple gods. It’s not a straight, abandoning of God it’s rather a blend of false worship. This blend is the lukewarm church Jesus spits out in Revelation. Ahaz fears God but also fears his enemies, Baal, and other gods. It’s as if he’s trying to cover all his bases, scrambling to appease everyone, or simply indifferent and ignorant to God’s word about false worship. The prophet Isaiah describes him as a man that is 🫨 shaking in the wind like trees in a forest. His heart is anxiously fearing destruction like leaves racked by the wind in a wind storm. Think about this man. The New Testament reference to children blown about by every wind of doctrine and strange teaching fits Ahaz. (Ephesians 4:14) He tears down portions of the Lord’s altar. He literally shuts the doors of the house of God.
When the Assyrian people move into the land of Israel they had no fear of God so the Lord used lions. They realize their deficiency in understanding of the GOD of the land. A priest is selected to teach them and yet they don’t follow the exclusive nature of worshipping GOD. This is the blend. GOD plus everything GOD hates.
Sadly KING Ahaz, from the line of David falls into this duplicitous, vile, grotesquely, and abhorrent ignorance of practicing pagan rituals. (Leviticus 18:21) So blind between good and evil he has his sons burned in the fire.
All of this is a stumbling block to the nation as Ahaz was very unfaithful to the Lord, and he brings a lack of restraint in all of Judah. His unfaithful leadership further exacerbates their problems. Bottom line: WHO WIIL HELP JUDAH?

In Psalm 121 it talks about where our help really does come from. Our help comes from the Lord the maker of heaven and earth HE will not let our foot slip and HE who watches over us will not slumber.

Look no further relief is found in him.
Psalm 147:6 The Lord supports the afflicted; he brings down the wicked to the ground. And in verse two and three the Lord is building up, Jerusalem, gathering the outcasts and healing the brokenhearted and binding up their wounds. YAHWEH IS THE ONLY SOURCE OF HELP.

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