Read Micah 1-4

The Lord is coming forth from HIS place. Micah means ‘who is like the LORD?’ Isaiah, Micah, and Hosea all prophesied at roughly the same time. The “day of the Lord” is a time of judgment, a time when God will intervene in the realms of nations. Rebelling rulers and people are called to account.

Micah’s lament is a play on words such as, in BETH-LE-APHRAH (which means HOUSE OF DUST) —roll yourself in dust.

In 2 Samuel 1:20 Micah’s lament is like David’s over Saul’s death —publish it not to our enemies.

Prayer reply: Psalm 103:14 for he knows our frame he remembers that we are dust. Lord we are dust it is true. Have compassion on us your children. Psalm 103:13

Additionally in Ecclesiastes it says to serve God in your youth, but know, for everything one day we will come into judgment. Micah reminds us that there is a JUDGE and there is a time in which God can no longer be silent. A good Father disciplines a loved child. ISRAEL will be disciplined, and yet the house of David will have their errors corrected. And in the latter day when Zion is established again it will be glorious, dominion will come.

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