Read 2 Kings 12-13, 2 Chronicles 24

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Today was a good day, I got to see Sam and Bailey as well as others. How was yours?
With King Joash, the Lord works in a powerful way, when the bloodline for the king is whittled down to only one remaining, wow. Not great odds. Consider the young boy Joash is hidden from sight for seven years after his wicked queen grandmother, Athaliah horrifically is actually killing her grand-children in her murderous manipulation to gain the throne and power. After 7 yrs she is dethroned.

Josiah is KING! What he does well, HE repairs the temple, so this pruning back of the line of David actually produced more pure fruit.
Joash has an instructor —Jehoiada.
Joash rules 40 years from 835-796 BC. BUT HE doesn’t finish well, the king did not remember the kindness that Jehoiada Zachariah’s father had shown him, but he kills Zachariah, and as this act as it is in execution, Zachariah says, may the Lord to see and avenge. 2 Chronicles 24:22
And God does.

Your environment matters we see this in Joash’s life when he was in environment of those who were godly, he was godly.
Chose your environment and influences wisely!

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